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Our learning offer for children and young people is based around the exhibition content and designed to address the subjects of the National Curriculum, Citizenship and SMSC at Key Stage 2 and above. It provides opportunities to consider shared values and reflects the need to build resilience to extremism in all its forms. We offer a variety of sessions that incorporate time in the exhibition space, a related practical workshop, interaction with documents, images and objects, opportunities for reflection and a call to action.

We can adapt workshops to suit different age groups, from Key Stage 2 to post-16, or for youth and community groups.

Untold Stories for Key Stages 3 and 4

These workshops are designed to focus on key stories and events in the lives of particular survivors.
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Every Picture Tells a Story

Helping to extrapolate information from pictures and search for meaning beyond the literal.
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Special Things

This workshop explores artefacts and their meaning.
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Impossible Choices

This workshop uses historical evidence from the exhibition to explore choices, actions and consequences.
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