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We offer a range of engaging and interactive sessions for KS2, KS3 and KS4 students. Our learning programme is designed to deepen students' understanding of the Holocaust and support teachers in teaching this difficult history. And we refund your coach costs (t&c apply).

Travel Subsidy Scheme

Find out more information about our Travel Subsidy Scheme for eligible schools and colleges.
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Planning A Visit

All our essential information for your school's visit to The Holocaust Exhibition and Learning Centre.
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Life in Nazi Germany

This session uses objects, images and texts to understand personal stories of different victims of Nazism
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Humanising the Holocaust

This session explores the roles of citizens during the Holocaust: helper, perpetrator, bystander or collaborator.
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Every Picture Tells a Story

This session looks beyond using images to extract information and considers what we cannot see.
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Propaganda and the Media

This workshop looks at how Nazi Germany used propaganda and the media.
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