The Holocaust Exhibition and Learning Centre

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Understand your world through our stories.

Yorkshire Holocaust survivors share their experiences

lost youths

“I came from quite a comfortable home, never knew what hunger meant or to be deprived of anything!”

“I have no recollection of saying goodbye, kissing, crying, anything.”

“Somehow the only thing that kept us from despairing was hope.”

Would you have been a victim or a perpetrator?

“It was only my father and one of my father’s brothers who were selected with me from the family to live. And everybody else from the family, with a lot of other people, just went to their deaths straight away.”

An excellent exhibition which serves as a timely warning in today's times. More people need to see this moving display.

A very powerful and moving experience.

I thought everything I was hearing and seeing was so powerful. The video clips were very moving.

An important, emotional, reminder to not repeat the atrocities of the past. A must see, we must never forget. A brilliant, thoughtful exhibition. Thank you for the education.

Amazing display, very moving and the most informative and engaging exhibition I have been to.

Sobering. A privilege to hear survivors speak first hand of the most unimaginable hell they survived.

A very informative & incredibly moving exhibition. Sheer chance that anyone actually survived to build a life in Yorkshire or anywhere.

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