My Arrival in England | Heinz Skyte

Heinz and Fritz Skyte

Heinz on entering internment camp 1940


"Some people think football is a matter of life and death... I can assure them that it is much more serious than that"

Bill Shankly

I came to Leeds on Saturday, 25th February 1939. My brother, who had lived in Leeds for a couple of years before, had met me in London and we arrived at the old Central Station at around noon. We deposited my case in a left luggage office in City Square and proceeded to Swinegate, where we caught a special tram to Elland Road, without first going to our digs in Chapeltown.

Leeds United were playing Everton and this was my first encounter with the club, a connection which has lasted to this day. On the way to Elland Road, on a packed tram, we stood, hanging from a strap and I thought I could test my supposedly reasonable knowledge of English by listening to the conversation of the people around me. I was properly brought down to earth when I realised that I could not understand a single word they were saying because they spoke in a very broad Yorkshire accent, which was like a foreign language compared to the English I thought I knew.