Remembering Katy


Katy Jones BBC producer of The Children of the Holocaust

 8 August 1963 - 24 April 2015


We came to know Katy Jones through Fettle Animation who had been commissioned by BBC Learning to produce six animations of Holocaust survivors. When Fettle Animation approached me I have to confess that I was sceptical at first. How could you possibly animate such stories and produce something which showed respect to the survivors and to such a serious subject? After discussion we embarked on what became a real journey of discovery. It showed me that we must have open minds to things which are different. It was indeed possible to animate Holocaust survivors and through so doing we brought these stories of real people alive today using innovative and creative technologies. The range of awards received since they were completed, their use in Holocaust commemorative events and learning opportunities for young people and even for adults has been astonishing. The films have travelled far and wide, and our survivors have shared them with their families in America, France and Israel.

We met Katy through our work on the animations, through e mail communication and then at the launch of the series at Hyde Park Cinema in Leeds. She spoke to all the survivors and took part in the Q and A session after the animations were viewed. We told her how much we appreciated her work and foresight in commissioning the series. We were left in no doubt about the power of her intellect and her ability to challenge injustice. It came as a great shock to be informed of her sudden death. We feel Katy was a friend to us and our cause and we wish we had known her longer. I know she would have smiled as we were all presented with two of the Royal Television Society Yorkshire 2015 awards on June 19th. We will ensure her work is fully reflected in our soon to be created Holocaust Heritage and Learning Centre and we will remember Katy as a friend and advocate for social justice for all.


Lilian Black and survivors Trude Silman, Ruth Rogoff, Heinz Skyte, Martin Kapel, Suzanne Rappaport-Ripton and Arek Hersh (the animated)