Never should we forget by Khristine McGuire

Never should we forget the holocaust.

Do you know about the holocaust?

Old men were killed, elderly women gassed, children taken away,

Indecently tortured, treated as animals.

Thousands murdered raided in the night, not a Jew in sight.

Never should we forget the holocaust.

Not a Jew here, is there a Jew there?

Never should we forget when the terror started.

The glass flew and diamonds were trodden into the dirt.

When the ghetto wall was built and the starvation started.

When the people were herded like cattle onto trains;

"Leave the ill, leave the elderly and leave the children.

Look lively if you want to live.

Women to the left. Men to the right."

Fewer and fewer, weaker and weaker.

Never should we forget Auschwitz and all the other concentration camps;

The cold; the hunger; the darkness.

Working all day and small amounts of food afterwards.

Nameless faces.

Fewer and fewer, weaker and weaker.

Never should we forget the deaths.

When the gas started in shower blocks and trucks.

When gold teeth were counted and boots piled high in silent rooms.

Never should we forget the survivors.

They were the witnesses, they are the legacy.

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time - just like a birthday cake.

Seeing the tanks covered in pink paper

 The coloured Easter egg in her hand.

To her, it was a symbol of hope,

And finally knowing what day it was.

Never should we forget that I do not have a number on my arm

And whole generations lost to me.

The things they possessed were no more.

But in the end, that did not matter.

Because all those people to the Nazis,

They did not matter.


By Khristine McGuire.

St John Fisher Catholic High School Student

Age 13 at time of writing this poem.

Inspired by Iby Knill and her stories.