Association members and speakers had a busy start to the year when they attended a large number of HMD events around the region. Here is a short summary of their contribution in January 2017:

  • 22nd January - Lilian Black worked with young actors of the Carriageworks in Leeds to support their production of a play on the HMD theme of 'How can life go on?'. She told her father Eugene Black's story, about his Holocaust survival and how he built a new life. She also advised on aspects of slave labour and incarceration.
  • 22nd January - Berta Klipstein read a commitment and lit a candle at the HMD event in Leeds, which was also attended by many other members of the Association.
  • 25th January - Dr. Martin Kapel (Holocaust survivor) spoke at Winifred Holtby School, Hull. Martin gave two talks to students at the school, with approximately 100 students in each group. The students were fantastic and incredibly attentive. There were many interesting questions asked afterwards both about Martin's personal experiences as well as his views on some current world events. The school have already asked if they can rebook a speaker for next year.
  • 25th January - Judith Rhodes (2nd generation) spoke at Chesterfield HMD. Judith showed a short film about her mother's early life in Germany and subsequent journey on the Kindertransport in 1939. She also showed artefacts including the original suitcase her mother brought with her to Britain and some of the possessions it contained. Her talk was very well received and there were many and varied questions. Judith also spoke at Bradford Peace Museum on 27th January and an exhibition on the Kindertransport including Judith's mother's artefacts also took place.
  • 26th January - Iby Knill (Holocaust survivor) shared a poem at Kirklees HMD. Although Iby's health did not allow her to speak for an extended length of time, she concluded the Kirklees memorial event by reading out a poem she had written summarising her war time experiences. This followed on from the keynote speech earlier on delivered by Iby's granddaughter Julia Kinch.
  • 26th January - four members attended the national HMD event in London.
  • 27th January - Lilian Black (Chair and 2nd Generation) delivered the HMD Memorial Assembly at Gateways School in Leeds.
  • 29th January - Rudi Leavor (refugee) and Chairman of Bradford Synagogue, gave a talk at Bradford Cathedral's Holocaust Memorial event. The event was attended by the President and Vice-President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and Rudi told the congregation of his family's exodus from Berlin in the 1930s, before singing the memorial prayer El Male Rachamim. Rudi Leavor also sang the Memorial prayer at HMD events in Bradford, Leeds, Calderdale and Kirklees.
  • 29th January - Lilian Black (Chair and 2nd generation) delivered a Q and A session following the showing of the film 'Denial' at City Screen in York. There were approximately 200 people in the audience.
  • 1st Feb - Leisel Carter spoke at Leeds Beckett University's Holocaust Memorial event. Leisel recounted how, as a 4 year old child, she left Germany and travelled through Europe alone to reach safety in Britain. She also spoke about what happened to other members of her family who were not so fortunate. Leisel received many positive comments from the audience, including one student who asked her for a quote he could use in his work.