HSFA Speaker Programme


The Association has a pool of experienced speakers who give living witness accounts of their personal experiences of the Holocaust. Speakers include concentration camp and ghetto survivors, former slave labourers, hidden children and former refugees.

Our speakers regularly go out to primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, prisons, police forces, businesses and community groups.  As well as sharing their direct experience of Nazi persecution, speakers prompt reflection on the continuing relevance of the Holocaust and encourage respect for social, religious and ethnic diversity.

We also have a new panel of volunteer speakers who are not themselves survivors but have been trained to tell survivors' stories with the aid of short films and images. Some are second generation and tell their family story. We will endeavour to provide a survivor to speak to your group but due to the pressure on survivors' time we may offer one of our trained volunteers instead.

To provide a speaker we ask you to provide a donation to HSFA and cover the speaker's travel expenses. This helps cover our administrative costs and enables us to continue our charitable work. The HSFA is a registered charity and none of our survivors or volunteers are paid for their time.

If you are interested in having a speaker visit your group, please download and complete our speaker request form and either post it to us or email it to enquiries@holocaustlearning.org. There are two forms, one for schools and one for other organisations. You can also download our comprehensive guidelines for speakers in our schools information pack This pack will let you know what we recommend to ensure your students get the most from our speaker's visit. 

Please note that in order to type into the form you will first need to save it as a text document.